Reimagining NatWest's
mobile experience

The problem

​London is quickly gaining the status of being the world's global hub for fintech startups. As technology becomes an essential part of daily lives and customer demands grow, fintech startup companies are p​utting pressure on the UK's leading banks. ​In order t​o stay ahead of the ​growing ​competition​,​ ​it was crucial that ​NatWest​ transformed​ their mobile app. Our ​challenge was to show NatWest what the future of ​m​obile ​b​anking could be.

How we solved it

We worked ​collaboratively ​with the client to identify ​​problems and opportunities. ​From the research analysis, we ​determined features that ​would best ​benefit the ​user​ and the business, and avoided ​UX trends. The result is​ an​ ​intuitive​ app that ​solves the user's top needs. They can​ ​easily navigate the app; ​discover products​;​ and ​view a breakdown of their ​transactions​ which they weren't previously able to do.​

UI & UX / Prototyping / Video production 

1 designer

2 weeks